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Telephone:  86-573-84188502
Mobile Phone:  13656838026
Fax:  86-573-84187661
Address:  No:500, Waihuandong Rd., Weitang Town, Jiashan
Zip:  314100
Country/Region:  China (Mainland)
Province/State:  Zhejiang
City:  Jiaxing
Our company is located in Jiashan Industry Developing Zone of Zhejiang and is about 10km away from
Shanghai City and 100km away from Shanghai Seaport.

Our company specializes in manufacturing table game products, such as billiard tables, soccer tables, hockey
game tables, multifunctional game tables and accessories. Presently, we have carried out series of new and
improved designs of game tables. Our extensively industrial R&D capabilities can provide customers with op-
tional levels of required designs and technical expertise. Firmed company policy, online-inspection system and
practiced staff members ensure that our quality is strictly controlled.   +read more>>
Billiard table
Air Hockey
Multi Game
WJ-P-082 7ft billiard table
Overall size: 84"x48"x32"
Playing field: 74"x38"
Top rail: 1-1/2" (height) / 5" (width) MDF with black PVC laminate. Metal rail caps.
Apron: 18mm MDF with black PVC laminate, with plastic apron corners in silver.
Table bed: 18mm MDF with blue wool cloth
WJ-P-001 billiard table
Item No: WJ-P-001
Description 7' Pool table
Overall size 80"*44"*30"
Playing field 72"*36"
Top Rail 3/4"MDF+3/4"PB,w/ wood grain PVC laminates,#818 rubber bumper; metal rail caps
Apron 5-7/8"*5/8"MDF, w/PVC laminates; plastic apron corner
Bed 3/4"MDF,with PVC laminate, green teflon cloth
WJ-P-004 billiard table
Item No: WJ-P-004
Description: 7ft pool table
Overall size: 84"x44-1/2"x31"
Playing field: 75-1/2"x36"
Top Rail: 1-5/8" MDF with PVC laminate, K66 rubber cushion with green wool cloth
Apron: 3/4" MDF with PVC laminate
Bed: 3/4" MDF with PVC laminate on both sides, with green wool cloth
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